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How to make Your Signature Lucky?

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How to make Your Signature Lucky?

Post  SANJIS on Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:08 pm

Waqt ki har shay gulaam, Time rules every person.

ignature is the graph of our life. The way we sign shows the flow and consistency of our thoughts. The more consistent our thoughts are the more consistent our efforts will be and consistency of efforts assures success.

Whenever I correct the name spelling I make it effective on destiny through the signatures because it is very difficult to change the name spelling in certificates. Signature reveals a lot about one’s character and destiny.

Before analyzing the handwriting or signature one must take at least three specimens signatures or a handwritten page because normally people tend to have little variation in their signatures/writing style every time they sign or write.

Following are few important points related to signatures. Following these guidelines can not only help us in judging someone’s character and temperament but can also be helpful to make our signature lucky.

Decorative Signature: A deliberate attempt made to adorn the signature speaks of a flashy person who is egotistic and expresses himself in a dramatic manner.

Undistinguished Signature: If the signature is just like the person's normal handwriting. It shows that the person is straightforward, down-to-earth and without any pretensions.

Illegible Signature: If the normal handwriting is clear and the signature is consciously illegible, the person may be apprehensive and want to camouflage his true personality and feelings.

Small Signature: When the signature is kept short, though the name may be lengthy, the writer is reserved and humble, but will come straight to the point. When the signature is distinctly smaller than the normal handwriting, it shows the person may not realize his worth and may be humble and timid, or could be suffering from anxiety, depression or other emotional problems.

Large Signature: When the signature is very large, though the name may be small, the writer is egoistic and ambitious and loves to socialize. When the signature is distinctly larger than the normal handwriting, it shows the person has willpower and confidence. If it is very much larger, the person could be a show-off and not someone very reliable.

Expanded Signature: The person whose signature goes across the page seeks to attract attention at any cost. If the normal handwriting is also very large, the tendency is more pronounced.

Dissected Signature: In this case the signature will have a stroke on it, either horizontal, vertical, partial or complete. It shows that the person wants to cancel out his own being. The writer may be dissatisfied with society, depressed or in extreme cases even suicidal.

Encircled Signature: The circle around a signature, partial or complete, has two meanings. The writer may be protective about his near and dear ones or may be fearful of the environment. The circle is like a protective shield.

Abbreviated Signature: The person who signs his first name only may be self-centered. This applies to signatures on important documents only and not personal letters or greetings.

Bifurcated Signature: If the surname appears below the first name, it indicates the writer wants to place himself above his family, in a controlling position.

Significance of Ending stroke in the signature : The ending stroke of the signature (i.e. the end of the signature which is normally at the last letter of one’s sign) shows about the ultimate achievement of a person. In case, the ending stroke turns backwards, it signifies that even after sincere efforts the person will fail to have any significant achievement.

Brihadaranyak Upanishad says, “Your desires affect your deed which ultimately makes your destiny.” Signature is also a part of efforts or deeds. So why not make efforts to develop positive vibes by using a lucky signature ?


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